Why would you pay more than £10 a piercing?

Let’s talk about why being pierced by a professional piercer means shelling out some dough. 
Professional piercers charge what they do because doing something right isn’t cheap.

Cheap will likely mean externally threaded surgical steel, or some other completely unsuitable material for piercing. Exposing your piercing to nasty low quality metals can irritate and lead to a nasty painful reaction. Externally threaded jewellery makes a perfect homefor bacteria which can cause infections. The threads will also irritate the when it’s inserted or removed casing unnecessary trauma and irritation. 

If you are given a little sparkle with your low ££ piercing then it will likely discolour and/or fall out. Cheap jewellery gems are usually foil backed and glued into the jewellery. I’m higher quality jewellery the gems tend to be meticulously set into the jewellery or in a prong setting with a high quality stone. So expect to pay more to upgrade to the next level. 

The difference between paying for a professional piercers time to low ££ piercer
There are exceptions to the rule but I’m sure those that are passionate about the industry will agree that the best practice is a piercing apprenticeship under a professional mentor. For a lot of us that meant working full time unpaid for a considerable time. Fortunately a lot of studio tides are turning in studios for apprenticeship conditions along with ‘the right of passage’
Basement priced studios training will likely of been a short piercing course which can be as little as a day. Leading to terrible placement, bad jewellery and little to no knowledge of appropriate aftercare.
courses are instructed by cowboys that have no value or respect and usually little knowledge of the industry. They have no care for you ‘the client’ that will be exploited for a quick ££ 
this leads to the industry saturated with individuals who either have no idea the damage they are causing or frankly just don’t care. 

professional piercers don’t cut corners and use the best equipment and materials to give your piercing the strongest start and that is far from cheap. This isn’t including rent or studio fees/cut, equipment, utilities….the list goes on. So how can your new sparkle piercing cost around £30 be at a suitable stankard.…well it’s not!

Good piercings aren’t cheap and cheap piercings aren’t good.
Please take care of the vessel that carries you and take careful consideration and research into who you allow to pierce your body.
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